Facing The Realities Of Life

Splitting The Assets After The Breakup

When a couple gets divorced after only a few years of marriage, they often choose to take whatever wedding presents were given by their side of the family. This means that whoever gave them the china, the antique furniture or even the family is a deciding factor in who gets these items. For those who have a family with less money, they often find they have trouble replacing these items in a reasonable amount of time. There are solutions, but they often require time and effort rather than cash.

Refinishing Furniture

Antique furniture is nice for looks, but it can have issues when it comes to using it. Many pieces are not taken care of properly, and they can become weakened over the years. Rather than replacing the antique furniture, it might be best to buy something a bit more modern and refinish it. It will cost much less than buying an older piece, and the refinishing process can become a hobby for those who appreciate a fine piece of furniture without the huge cost.

Driving Around Town

When a couple splits up, they might have only one vehicle. The person who originally owned it might get it, or the one who keeps the children might need it more. Chances are that both of them will need their own transportation, so one of them will have to purchase a vehicle. New ones are more expensive, so a slightly used model might be the best bet for those on a budget. If splitting the vehicles is not an option, make sure to take a good mechanic to check out the vehicle before purchase.

Entertaining without Style

When two people get married they are often given a set of fine bone china by their family. Some of them are given the family china, so it is expected they will take it when they leave the relationship. This is not always a great loss, but it means entertaining without using china for the person who is on a budget. It could take years before they are able to save up enough money to afford a new set, but there are gently used sets available in second hand shops.

Saving Grace

For a person who loves to entertain, a set of fine bone china could be very important to them. They often save up the money for their purchase, and it will be important to get the exact pattern they want. If they already know what they are seeking, they can go to Wedgwood, and they have a good chance of finding exactly what they need. If their personal favourite is not there, they can send in a design and have it custom made to their specifications.

Divorce is not an easy choice, and many people end up with much less than what they brought into the marriage. For those who want to replace the material items they have lost, there are many options available to them in today’s markets. Whether they need a vehicle, furniture or even a set of china, there are ways to afford it without breaking the budget.